Simulators in the Aeropark

Airbus A320neo simulator

A320Neo szimultáor

Are you looking for an extraordinary experience? Are you interested in flying? Would you like to try how it feels to fly one of the most up-to-date aircraft in the world? Would you like to give an experience to your friends and family as a gift? The Airbus A320neo simulator of Aeropark awaits you!

Here you can try how pilots work aboard one of the most up-to-date aircraft in the world. Get to know the aircraft systems, try how it feels to fly a 189-seater aircraft manually, and experience what the type’s computers are capable of. Realistic environment, high detail of visualization, helpful operators. Choose from among our packages. You may request anything from a traffic circuit around Ferihegy through a fly-over by the Danube and landing at extreme airports to practicing emergency situations. The Airbus simulator may only be used by visitors over 12 years of age.


Mi-2 helicopter simulator


Original instruments, 180-degree projection. Stick, pedals, collective stick: a flight that makes your hands and feet move constantly. Try hovering, then experience the moment when the helicopter flies forward like an airplane!

The Mi-2 helicopter was one of the most common types in Hungarian aviation for a quarter of a century starting from the 1980’s. The helicopter, which was called “flying drumstick” in aviation slang, was in use for both civil and military operations. A uniquely built helicopter simulator, built with the use of original instruments and flight controls, awaits visitors at Aeropark where, in addition to the Hungarian airports, one may marvel at the skyscrapers of New York and the lagoons of Venice from the air. Our more experienced visitors may even try to land on the platform of an oil rig. The Airbus simulator may only be used by visitors over 12 years of age.


Tu-134 simulator


Experience flying the type of plane that helped several Eastern European airlines enter the “jet age” in the 1960’s! Take off with a glass-nose Tu-134, climb to cruising altitude, operate the various systems, and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape. It is also possible at Aeropark! And in a special way, too! The simulator was built in the cockpit of a Tu-134, which spent several tens of thousands of hours in flight, and the original instruments show the flight parameters.

Travel back to the era where crews of 3-4, sometimes 5, worked to serve the aircraft! How was navigation performed? How did they have to land with the “pocket rocket”, or “small iron”, as they called her in Hungary? What are the forces on the controls at low and high speeds? What did one have to pay attention to during approach? Get to know this legendary type, which was a decisive one in the life of Malév, since she was in service at our national airline from 1968 until 1998. The Airbus simulator may only be used by visitors over 14 years of age.


Cessna simulator

Cessna szimulátor

Yoke, throttle, flaps and glass cockpit (digital displays). Easy to handle, helpful operators. These simulators are recommended primarily for children.

Cessna is one of the best known aircraft types and produced in the greatest numbers in the world, used in several versions primarily for training and pleasure flights all over the world. By the end of the 20 th century, the name “Cessna” became one with the notion of single-engine, high-wing airplanes. It is no accident, since the American company started to market the first pieces of the type used today as early as the end of the 1940’s and beginning of the 1950’s. This simulator allows you to fly 12-15-minute circuits around Ferihegy Airport, tickets are on sale at the AEROPARK ticket office. The Cessna simulator may only be used by visitors over 6 years of age.

Car simulator


Excursion on exotic lands, or special service on the tarmac of an airport. Realistic projection, original dashboard, controls, pedals and gear shift. It is not only flying and aircraft you can try here.

The new car simulator of Aeropark has arrived, allowing anybody to experience the sense of driving and test their abilities and reflexes. Would you like to drive a vintage car, maybe switch to a truck or a bus? Any of them is possible. You may drive around on exotic lands, or try what it is like the move around on the airport taxiways and among aircraft on the apron. Moreover, you can also experience the feeling of dashing with a ground vehicle along a 3000-meter long, 45-meter wide runway. Tickets (15 minutes) are on sale at the AEROPARK ticket office. The car simulator may only be used by visitors over 6 years of age.

1920 Airbus A320
Mi-2 platform

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